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Joanne Mantoni
Placement Director
Elena Maddox
Placement Coordinator
Amy Rowell
After-Hours Placement Specialist
Jill Dyer
On-Call Placement Coordinator

Local Success Stories

  • Georgia De Met-Mangiameli - Illinois

    "Thank you Joanne! you are always such a great help. I feel the same way. I let you know what happens. Have a great day! "
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Dental Receptionist - Illinois

    "After months of looking on my own, I found out about Dental Power. Loretta and Joanne helped me to find an office that I adore and somewhere I hope to never leave, which is quite a thing to find in this business!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Mary - Illinois

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the upcoming opportunities to work! You are an angel! I've received all four assignments and am thrilled to have the chance to work and at such a nice location. I appreciate all of your hard work! "
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Hygienist - Illinois

    "Thank you for the experience in many offices as a temporary hygienist. Your service kept me busy until the perfect office had a full-time position available. I would recommend Dental Power to anyone wanting a first rate experience. Thanks again for all your help!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Stacia - Illinois

    "I appreciate all your help. I am so happy to be at my new office. I can't believe it. Thanks for everything. I enjoyed working with you as well!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Cristin R. - Illinois

    "I just wanted to thank you for such a nice talk on the phone yesterday. As someone who is new to the temping business you really took the time to go over the details, which in turn will help me to be more successful for your company. You solidified my decision to be a temporary assistant and I am even more excited to join the Dental Power team."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Loretta - Illinois

    "They told me how happy they are with Dental Power. Trish said that you are always so happy and professional and that you always find someone for them immediately. They could not be happier!! Just thought you would like to hear the positive comments. "
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Dr. Cox - Oklahoma

    "Just want to let you know how much I like working with both Joanne and Amy. They are a pleasure!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Monica at Dr. Edmunds - Illinois

    "Awesome! I really like how you work and I have worked for other temp agencies in the past and your level of professionalism is really great! Ill send you all the info in a couple of hours! I really appreciate your assistance."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Rebecca N. - Indiana

    "It's good to hear your voice again. I'm sure you had an extremely busy day today. Keep up the good work and know how much you are appreciated!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH