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Joanne Mantoni
Placement Director
Elena Maddox
Placement Coordinator
Amy Rowell
After-Hours Placement Specialist
Jill Dyer
On-Call Placement Coordinator

Local Success Stories

  • Michelle Ly - Illinois

    "A million thanks for connecting me with some of the greatest offices. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your time and effort in helping me with jobs over the summer. I will definitely keep Dental Power in mind when I return to Chicago area."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Stephanie - Illinois

    "Hi Joanne, That is perfect thank you so much, I appreciate everything you do for us."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Lucy Watson - Illinois

    "Thank you very much for your kind words. You have been a great help to me. I truly appreciate everything you have done. I really like Dr. W and his staff. Have a great summer!! Thanks again!!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Anonymous Practice Owner - Illinois

    "Dental Power is wonderful! Not only do they respond quickly and professionally to our calls, but they also send us dental workers that fit our office needs and personality."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Sharon - Illinois

    "Thank you Joanne! You truely are 100% Amazing! I've been blessed to work with you and I appreciate all that you have done for me! Thank you for the encouraging words! I am crossing everything that can be crossed, prayers and positive energy for an AWESOME OPEN WINDOW : ) Have a Beautiful, Happy and Healthy Day!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Dr. Cox - Oklahoma

    "Just want to let you know how much I like working with both Joanne and Amy. They are a pleasure!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Lauren W. - Illinois

    "I would like to update my records with you, as I have been "laid off" of my full time office of over 9 years. I know you always have the best clients! I look forward to working with you."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Alexis - Illinois

    "Thanks again for saving us last minute with Angie on Monday! We really appreciated it, she’s great."
    Amy Rowell, CDA
  • Grisdelda De Alba, Dental Assistant - Illinois

    "You are just too kind and it is just so appreciated! Thanks for everything."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Marina Drapkin - Illinois

    "Thank you for your immediate response to my letter. It was a pleasure to talk to you over the phone. I am sending you the attachment of my resume."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH