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Joanne Mantoni
Placement Director
Elena Maddox
Placement Coordinator
Amy Rowell
After-Hours Placement Specialist
Jill Dyer
On-Call Placement Coordinator

Local Success Stories

  • Lori Brubaker - Illinois

    "Thank you for the call today. I was amazed that you would take the time to call me, because so many places don't even bother to acknowledge someone looking for a job. "
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Allison Pachona, RDH - Illinois

    "Thank you so much! You truly paved the way for my path to this achievement in my career. I will still give you my Fridays and I am happy I can still be of service to you. Have a great weekend! "
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Sharon - Illinois

    "Thank you Joanne! You truely are 100% Amazing! I've been blessed to work with you and I appreciate all that you have done for me! Thank you for the encouraging words! I am crossing everything that can be crossed, prayers and positive energy for an AWESOME OPEN WINDOW : ) Have a Beautiful, Happy and Healthy Day!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Anonymous Practice Owner - Illinois

    "High compliments for the quality of the staff you’ve sent me over the years!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Jennifer W. - Illinois

    "I just want you to know that, you are great and I appreciate you!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Tabitha Silva, RDH - Illinois

    "I've been giving out your number to some of my friends because you're such a good temp agency it's been a pleasure working with you! "
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Dana T. - Illinois

    "Hi Joanne, I already love working with you and looking forward getting more assignments from you!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Stacia - Illinois

    "I appreciate all your help. I am so happy to be at my new office. I can't believe it. Thanks for everything. I enjoyed working with you as well!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Alexis - Illinois

    "Thanks again for saving us last minute with Angie on Monday! We really appreciated it, she’s great."
    Amy Rowell, CDA
  • Cristin R. - Illinois

    "I just wanted to thank you for such a nice talk on the phone yesterday. As someone who is new to the temping business you really took the time to go over the details, which in turn will help me to be more successful for your company. You solidified my decision to be a temporary assistant and I am even more excited to join the Dental Power team."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH