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Joanne Mantoni
Placement Director
Elena Maddox
Placement Coordinator
Amy Rowell
After-Hours Placement Specialist
Jill Dyer
On-Call Placement Coordinator

Local Success Stories

  • Monica at Dr. Edmunds - Illinois

    "Awesome! I really like how you work and I have worked for other temp agencies in the past and your level of professionalism is really great! Ill send you all the info in a couple of hours! I really appreciate your assistance."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Hygienist - Maryland

    "Working with Dental Power offers the flexibility and variety I need to fit my active schedule as well as building professional relationships within the dental community. I work when I want, and being asked to come back to an office is a great compliment and makes me an extended part of their team."
    Elena Maddox
  • Joy - Illinois

    "I am so excited! I'm still pinching myself to see if it's real. I got the job at Dr. W's office (as you already know). Thank you so much for everything! I am so thankful for your diligence and kindness!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Marie Shink, RDH - Illinois

    "My first obligation is to you, and I appreciate all the work you send my way."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Michael Morgan - Illinois

    "It looks like we have found the two employees for the positions we have been trying to fill, after many interviews. I sincerely appreciate all your assistance and you were very kind and helpful. This is the first time I have had a positive experience with a dental placement service. I will certainly recommend you to my colleagues and I am sure we will do business in the future."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Dawn - Illinois

    "Thank you again for introducing me to Dr. B and his excellent staff. My first week went far better than is typical for most people starting a new job. I feel very priveledged to have been selected and can't thank you enough."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Deandrea - Illinois

    "I love that you have after-hours staffing! Thank you."
    Amy Rowell, CDA
  • Amanda - Illinois

    "Thank you SO much Joanne. It is such a wonderful opportunity to be working for 2 great doctors and for a wonderful office. I couldn't have done it without your help!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Allison, RDH - Illinois

    "I look forward to working with you and I am so excited to be starting my career. I also wanted to add that Nancy Cepolski strongly endorsed your company and had nothing but wonderful things to about you. "
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Loretta - Illinois

    "They told me how happy they are with Dental Power. Trish said that you are always so happy and professional and that you always find someone for them immediately. They could not be happier!! Just thought you would like to hear the positive comments. "
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH