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Steven Peterson
Clinical Director
Sandy Bradshaw
Placement Director
Phillip Pacetti
Credentialing Manager

Local Success Stories

  • Dr. Godbold - Pennsylvania

    "Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I feel blessed to have met someone as nice as you are. "
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Greenspan - New Jersey

    "Thanks for the reply, Maureen. I know that Sandy Bradshaw is also alert to whatever requests for Orthodontists that get to her desk. She and I have interacted very nicely over the past 2 years or so."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Valerie - Regional Manager - New Hampshire

    "Absolutely! I confirm Dr. P for the Atlantic City office on 3/15. Wow! You are amazing!!!"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Pash - Virginia

    "My last assisgnment with Dental Power was in southwest Virginia, in the area where I grew up and went to school, working with a mobile dentistry trailer serving nursing homes. This was a wonderful experiece. I was sent there by one of your placement directors, Sandy Bradshaw, who gets my top complement for a job well done. This lady has a personality that is superb. This job had a few flaws that had to be fixed. Ms. Bradshaw went out of her way to correct everything and get the job done. She shows leadership skills and tries to keep everbody happy. I appreciate all my positions with Dental Power. You all extend a great and much needed service."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Bruce P. Benifiel - Indiana

    "It was a pleasure working with you and if the need arises, we will certainly be back!"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Valerie Barnett - New Jersey

    "I am very happy to be dealing directly with your company myself. I have always been more than pleased with everything your company has done for us!"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Ronald Chudd - Pennsylvania

    "I have always appreciated the way you went out of your way to help me in the past."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Practice Administrator - Illinois

    "When our dentist was faced with an extended medical leave, Dental Power saved us! They found us the perfect replacement dentist and we could not have been more satisfied. "
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Maurice McDonald - North Carolina

    "Sandy, You are so sweet. That comes through in your emails!"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Paul Walls - Georgia

    "Good morning Sandy!!! My staff loved Dr. Na and Dr. Scarlett, and I think they loved my wonderful staff as well. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my needs and sending such high quality dentists to keep my staff working and patients happy! I give Dental Power 5 stars!!"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA