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Steven Peterson
Clinical Director
Sandy Bradshaw
Placement Director
Tammy Ward
Dentist Placement Specialist
Phillip Pacetti
Credentialing Manager

Local Success Stories

  • Dr. Paul Walls - Georgia

    "Good morning Sandy!!! My staff loved Dr. Na and Dr. Scarlett, and I think they loved my wonderful staff as well. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my needs and sending such high quality dentists to keep my staff working and patients happy! I give Dental Power 5 stars!!"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Kim Clark - North Carolina

    "I want you to know what a treasure and blessing Dr. Casey and Sarah are to this team!! I had felt bad about the previous situation with staffing, but I can see how this team was truly meant to be there for these students. They really care and it really shows!! They are a blessing to these students.."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Maurice McDonald - North Carolina

    "Sandy, You are so sweet. That comes through in your emails!"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. David E. - North Carolina

    "Sandy has been great to work with at Dental Power. Thanks for that contact."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Andrea Byrne - North Carolina

    "That is awesome!! Thanks for everything. I will say it again, you have been the most helpful and I know you are working hard for us."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Amie Rabel - Virginia

    "Did I ever tell you how much I love you! Thanks"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Valerie - Regional Manager - New Hampshire

    "Absolutely! I confirm Dr. P for the Atlantic City office on 3/15. Wow! You are amazing!!!"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Practice Administrator - Illinois

    "When our dentist was faced with an extended medical leave, Dental Power saved us! They found us the perfect replacement dentist and we could not have been more satisfied. "
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Christa Barnett - Georgia, New Jersey

    "I just want to say how much I appreciate you and everything that you have done."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Linda - Georgia

    "You are so wonderful to work with; the hours that you did to get us somebody! I am just so impressed and I want to thank you so, so, so much from the bottom of my heart. It's been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and I just think your company is the greatest."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA