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Steven Peterson
Clinical Director
Sandy Bradshaw
Placement Director
Tammy Ward
Dentist Placement Specialist
Jessie Brinson
Director of Placement Operations
Phillip Pacetti
Credentialing Manager

Local Success Stories

  • Dr. S. Stuart - Maryland

    "Wanted to thank you again for all your help with such short notice. You were very efficient and helped me out of a major jam. "
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Joseph Shrager, DDS - North Carolina

    "Dental Power is the best place in the world for me personally. I have only every intention of always being with this group, forever. "
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Easthom - North Carolina

    "Sandy, you are doing such a great job and I appreciate all of your help! You are very diplomatic."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Chae, Practice Owner - Pennsylvania

    "I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Bradshaw for her outstanding professionalism. She is very attentive to my Dental practice needs, has placed excellent Dentists to help treat my patients as I am recovering and currently on Medical leave. She is very outgoing, diligent and personable. We are fortunate to have her expertise, compassion and support."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Noteware - Pennsylvania

    "You are our "go to person" for searches. You found me and Dr. Patel and I know you are ethical and honest."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Betsy Brashear - Oklahoma

    "Thank you so much for all of your hard work. Do you have a supervisor or management phone number I can call? I wanna brag on ya!!! If we ever need anyone in the future I know who to call. I can't imagine how the last few months would have been without you Sandy."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Andrea Byrne - North Carolina

    "That is awesome!! Thanks for everything. I will say it again, you have been the most helpful and I know you are working hard for us."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Valerie Barnett - New Jersey

    "Thank you for filling the days we needed temp doctors, I am impressed how quickly they were filled. I appreciate the hard work you put into it and you did an amazing job! Have a great day!"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Lee - Illinois

    "Thank you for being so expiditous; you do provide such a valuable service in an efficient manner for dental offices who need help in a pinch. It’s a pleasure working for Dental Power!"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Linda Deluca - New Jersey

    "I want to thank you very much for your candidate help and description of helping me decide this. You are a very, very nice and professional woman. And I wish you the best."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA