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When you’re ready for a new position or seeking temporary work in the dental field, you need a resource that can connect you with a broad range of the best opportunities available in a variety of practice settings — this is what Dental Power provides for dental professionals. Whether you're a dentist, dental specialist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, dental technician, dental front office or administrative professional, Dental Power can connect you with the right work opportunities.

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When you’re looking for an experienced dental professional to fill a temporary position or to join your permanent staff, you need a company that fully understands your requirements and is ready to provide you with the best dental talent available — this is what Dental Power delivers to dental practices. Our placement specialists take the time to really get to know the practices we are helping and the people we are placing, to ensure the best possible employment match.

  • Job Corps Center Purchasing Agent - Illinois

    "I just spoke with Ron at the Job Corps Center and he had so many nice things to say about our company. He said that our proposal looked better than any he gets and we are very professionalin how we present the dentist and all their credentials. He said the we always return his calls and he checked with other centers and got great positive feedback on us!"
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Office Administrator - New Jersey

    "After receiving Dental Power's letter in the mail, I called and spoke with Jen about our temporary hygiene needs. She Responded quickly with help! Our temps from Dental Power are always on time and pleasant and Jen always calls to make sure all is going well."
    Jen Gallin
  • Wendy Thompson - Texas

    "You knocked it out of the park with Renee. We love her and will be making her an offer to join our team."
    Laura Rufo
  • Dr. Strow - Illinois

    "I appreciate the time and effort everyone at Dental Power took to make me feel welcome and facilitate my locum assignments. My impression of Dental Power is very favorable."
    Wendy L. Fields
  • Mike Elmore - California

    "Hi Maureen, I already have a job with Dental Power I'm very happy with, so please disregard my earlier emails. I deal with Sandy at Dental Power and I'm very pleased with her and the job. Thanks again."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Dr. Theis - Florida

    "This is the first time I have been involved in the concept of a Locum Tenens. Dental Power seems to be a very enjoyable company, Sandy has been great and the process successful and painless."
    Sandy H. Bradshaw, CDA
  • Greg Smith - Georgia

    "I really like working with your group; you have some great people. I mainly work with Sandra and she has been so courteous and professional, even when challenges have come up."
    Dental Power
  • Sharon - Illinois

    "Thank you Joanne! You truely are 100% Amazing! I've been blessed to work with you and I appreciate all that you have done for me! Thank you for the encouraging words! I am crossing everything that can be crossed, prayers and positive energy for an AWESOME OPEN WINDOW : ) Have a Beautiful, Happy and Healthy Day!"
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH
  • Maria, Dental Hygienist - Florida

    "Thank you ladies, for all of your help and professionalism!"
    Placement Services
  • Marie Shink, RDH - Illinois

    "My first obligation is to you, and I appreciate all the work you send my way."
    Joanne Mantoni, RDH